One of the biggest Street Dance Crews in the midwest USA. ICNH ( Insert Crew Name Here ) is a professional dance crew that focuses on spreading awareness and love to street dance and it’s many styles. Street dance forms include, Krump, Breaking, Popping, Vogue, Hip Hop, and many more. 

Why work with us?

Once breaking hits the big stage on the 2024 Olympics, the demand for street styles will increase. But the knowledge for it will be scarce. Your studio could be a leader in providing students reliable source of knowledge. We can give students correct history, terminologies, and foundations that will kickstart students journey in street style dance. 

Why Does knowing history and terms of each style important?

If students knew the difference, they would be able to specifically take the style they want to learn, and that would encourage learning it more often at your studio. Incorrectly blending styles and their histories can leave students unable to grow in what they like to do. Also knowing what came before is alway a great way to respect the creators and pioneers who pave the wave for the styles we all enjoy.

Follow the trends

The current trends of street style dances are becoming popular on social media, there’s never been a higher desire from the younger generations to want to learn how to dance. So why not teach them how to do these trends properly. 

What we do

Work with us

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