What is Street Style Dance?

Street Style Dance Crew

What is Street Style Dance?

What is Street style dance?

Around the late 1960s – late 1970s America experienced a cultural renaissance. During that time the world witnessed the birth of street style dances. Most in which was started by the African American population. We see these street styles become a worldwide phenomenon as they are featured more and more in media and pop culture. These dances took root from dancers facing rejection from traditional dance studios due to cultural and financial differences.

STREET STYLE dances are what they sound like.

Dances formed from the streets by dancers who come from the streets. Thanks to what we call OG dancers, a new generation of street style dances has been performed by millions of dancers all over the world. Here are some styles below that is showcased.

Here is a list of some styles there are many more:

  • Hip hop
  • Popping
  • Animation
  • Boppin
  • Krump
  • Breaking
  • Whacking
  • Vogue
Koi Roi – Puppet style dance – late 1970s
Koi Roi – Animation style dance
Skrypture – Krump – early 2000s
Skrypture – Krump – early 2000s
Jskip – Hip hop – late 1960s

Disclaimer: This is a limited list of styles. History is generalized and summarize. This article isn’t meant to have an in-depth explanation of every style. We encourage you to do your own research and if you are interested in learning more about these styles. Drop us a line through our email form on the sidebar.


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