Uncomfortable like a Koi out of water

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Uncomfortable like a Koi out of water

A koi out of water

When we think of the word, “Fear“, It causes us to feel discomfort. When you combine that word with, “Anxiety” we feel TERRIFIED. Any bad feeling you may feel will go back to you feeling discomfort. What if I told you to do all the things that made you feel uncomfortable, not once, but for a whole year?

At the end of that year, how would you feel? Still uncomfortable right? But the difference from the end of the year to when you first started is that uncomfortable feeling isn’t new anymore. You see we as humans FEAR what we don’t know. We are SCARED of change. We are AFRAID of what we can’t predict or What we can’t use our common sense to solve.

But if you KNOW how something feels and know it well. Do you still FEAR it? That’s what being uncomfortable like a Koi out of water feels like. A fish out of its element gasping for water so it can breathe. Fearing that if it opens its mouth, it will die. Fearing of the UNKNOWN.

But this koi out of water jumps headfirst into the unknown. He remembers what FEAR, ANXIETY, DOUBT, feels like. He’s experienced it so many times in his life that he’s ok with being uncomfortable. This is what I tell myself if I’m scared, nervous during a battle or jam. I have to remember that I am dope just the way I am now. No one in the world dances like me. No one has this unique view or perspective that I have.

So I don’t tell myself to stop being scared. I do the opposite. I tell myself that it’s ok to be.



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