Smile when you dance

Street Style Dance Crew

Smile when you dance

Koi Roi Smiling while dancing

Have you ever heard the term making your dance look easy? It’s incredibly hard to do especially when you are under a lot of pressure at a dance battle or a performance event. We’ve been trying to figure out how to make our dance look easy for years and one thing we came into the conclusion of is something as simple as just smiling while you dance.

I know it sounds really simple to do, in practicality it’s actually really hard. Try it next time you dance. Try smiling for the entire round and see if you can do it.

So why does smiling make our dance look easy, effortless? It’s the fact that it makes you look like you’re enjoying your dance like this is just another thing that I do all day everyday. But smiling is only the first step, you don’t have to smile to make it look easy. Figure out what type of personality or character you want to portray in your dance and bring that to life. Smiling is just one example of how you can make your dance look effortless and ultimately that is the goal at the end of the day.

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