My search for a ninja at Gencon 2019

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My search for a ninja at Gencon 2019

The beginning of my dance journey started at a dance party at gencon, a board gaming convention in Indiana. As an art student obviously I wanted to be around amazing artists and get inspired by the exhibition Hall as well as artist alley. I remember bringing my sketchbook to gencon every single year as well as volunteering there and artist alley for at least three years before this moment happened.

After the second day of the convention on the Saturday that night there is a dance party that the convention holds for all of its attendees. As an art student dancing was never really a thing I gave too much thought of although I dealt with a ton of anxiety and self doubt. But for whatever reason I went to the dance party and was minding my own business and a circle of a few of my acquaintances at the time.

When out of nowhere a guy dressed in a ninja outfit came into my circle of acquaintances and pointed me out for a dance battle. At the time I was dealing with self-doubt and anxiety but somehow I found the strength to tell myself, you know what yeah let’s go ahead and do it, I’m tired of being scared of everything. Before then I would wait for a song that I truly like in order to even move or bounce or groove and ultimately that resulted in me wasting my entire time at any party looking for a moment to shine.

So I accepted his challenge and did my best and then when it was his turn looking back now he was definitely a popper doing isolations, waves, muscle contractions, I remember him doing animation dance stuff as well. I was destroyed. The next day I sent a post on Facebook asking my friends if there was a place that I can go to to get better at dancing because I never want to get destroyed like that ever again.

My friend Tauna from the college I was going to at the time recommended I check out the IUPUI hip hop dance crew. So I went there and met the people that would become my close friends and crewmates today. So thanks to that Ninja I was able to join ICNH. I was able to learn and explore and improve my confidence through dance. I’ve got a lot to thank that ninja for and hopefully I’ll run into him someday.

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