Indianapolis Arts Garden Performance Reflection

Street Style Dance Crew

Indianapolis Arts Garden Performance Reflection

We got invited to perform downtown Indianapolis at the Arts Garden by the Arts Council of Indianapolis. It was an amazing chance for us to share our street dance with the world. We honestly had low expectations because it was a rainy day. The performance was occurring during lunchtime.

So when we got there, the crowd was sparse. Because of that, in our minds, it was going to be a pretty chill show. But then when we started, more and more people came in and sat down to watch. Then we went through and introduce all the styles we had to offer and educated the crowd on its history and demonstrated what it looked like. We then showcased two group performances that you can watch closer to the bottom of this post.

Then right before it ended, we invited the crowd to join us for a dance cypher. To our surprise, a significant amount of the audience joined us! Because of that, the energy in the Arts Garden was amazing! We ALL came together and shared positive energy.

This is what ICNH is all about doing! We love spreading the culture, we love spreading positive energy and bringing people together to just have fun!

Here is a collection of photos and videos for you to enjoy. Let us know if you want us to be at your next event by sending us an email at



Group – Hip Hop
Group – Popping

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