Events in August and Street style dance

Street Style Dance Crew

Events in August and Street style dance

Insert crew name here has always been a dance crew from the streets! The great thing about this dance is it’s so free. You don’t need to pay a cover charge or make payments on dancing. You can do it anywhere at any time for absolutely no cost. We rep the Street styles dance all day! Would you like to know about events in august that showcases these street style dance?

Indianapolis’s Street style dance scene is still small, but we have been growing like crazy. This time 2 years ago, we only had 1 or two jams a year. But ever since the MITH battles were started, it sparked a wide range of events that include all the street style dancers in the city. Here are 3 events you can attend in the month of August 2019!

  1. Indyfringe festival all styles dance battle August 18th
  2. [ICNH] vs 31svn Crew Battle Exhibition August 23rd
  3. War and Chreece Open Styles Dance Battle August 24th

Now that you know where you go for August! Here are some videos you can watch to get inspired! From ICNH and friends.

Popping Neji
Koi Roi

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