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Uncomfortable like a Koi out of water

When we think of the word, “Fear“, It causes us to feel discomfort. When you combine that word with, “Anxiety” we feel TERRIFIED. Any bad feeling you may feel will go back to you feeling discomfort. What if I told you to do all the things that made you feel uncomfortable, not once, but for a whole year? At the end of that year, how would you feel? Still uncomfortable right? But the difference from…
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What is Street Style Dance?

Around the late 1960s – late 1970s America experienced a cultural renaissance. During that time the world witnessed the birth of street style dances. Most in which was started by the African American population. We see these street styles become a worldwide phenomenon as they are featured more and more in media and pop culture. These dances took root from dancers facing rejection from traditional dance studios due to cultural and financial differences. STREET STYLE…
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When setting up a performance or a freestyle dance, texture should be one of the most important things to come to mind. For a regular person it gets boring to watch the same thing over and over and over for a long extended amount of time. What’s really impressive and entertaining to watch is a change of unexpectancy in your round. Texture is a vital element that can help elevate your performance and extend the…
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Smile when you dance

How do we make our dance look easy and effortless? One thing that you can do simply is to just smile while you dance.

Free Private Lessons

Popping Lessons Hip hop Lessons ICNH has always been about giving back to our community. We have been training for years without teachers or anyone willing to give us any time of day to get pointers on our dance. We know what it’s like to want to improve but not really understanding how. So we’ve decided to start giving away some of the knowledge that we’ve learned over the years. When teaching others, you will…
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