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Street Style Dance Crew

Our Mission Statement

Encouraging diversity, culture, and togetherness within the dance community.

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 Perform at your event

Through the use of street style techniques, ICNH creates a structured, but informal, dance experience unlike any other through raw expression. This is great for events of all ages constructed to keep the crowd mesmerized, excited, and inspired.

Bookings now open, but not limited to, the following:

· Birthday parties
· Sporting events
· Festivals
· Community events





ICNH Workshops

Our workshops make use of street dance techniques not taught in dance studios hence the term “street”. Each class teaches foundational tools and techniques that will improve your street dance knowledge and freestyle abilities. Additionally, the latter portion of class will include a fun choreographed routine that applies the previous concepts taught. Lastly, the class will come to a conclusion with an open floor dance cypher. This gives the opportunity to explore these ideas and freely share anything else on the floor no matter the style! ALL is welcomed to the end of class at their own discretion. So get loose so you can get down!

***All Workshops are on a flat rate hourly basis. We sadly do not provide weekly classes but if you click here, you will be redirected to our good friends 31svn Street Dance Academy in Fishers, Indiana.





ICNH Choreography

Developing opportunities that allow students to learn something new and innovative. Prepare for the big stage with a unique piece of choreograph created and taught by ICNH. This is great for any upcoming projects or events that you might have in mind that includes the expression of dance in all forms.





Collaborate with us

Do you have a innovative idea that requires artists? If so, ICNH would love to contribute to your passions in any way you see fit. Contact us via email with your proposed idea and a brief description of what you have in mind. We love working to bring a vision to life that can help bring something positive back to the community.


Crew Blog

Here you can read about our latest shenanigans.

Indianapolis Arts Garden Performance Reflection

We got invited to perform downtown Indianapolis at the Arts Garden by the Arts Council of Indianapolis. It was an amazing chance for us to share our street dance with the world. We honestly had low expectations because it was a rainy day. The performance was occurring during lunchtime. So when we got there, the crowd was sparse. Because of that, in our minds, it was going to be a pretty chill show. But then[…]

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IndyFringe Dance Battle

2019 IndyFringe Dance Battle

Indy Fringe contacted us to put together a dance battle for the local community of Indianapolis (downtown Mass ave area) this last Sunday. It. Was. EPIC. The energy and vibes were on point! And one of the workers told us that this was the biggest crowd they have seen under this tent in years. Indy Fringe completely sponsored the entire thing. It was an all-ages event. We had 14 competitors that came through to get[…]

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Events in August and Street style dance

Insert crew name here has always been a dance crew from the streets! The great thing about this dance is it’s so free. You don’t need to pay a cover charge or make payments on dancing. You can do it anywhere at any time for absolutely no cost. We rep the Street styles dance all day! Would you like to know about events in august that showcases these street style dance? Indianapolis’s Street style dance[…]

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